At the festival you will meet our fellow handpan enthusiasts and performers. You will also be treated to some amazing performances and workshops, all at a picturesque location on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

Last year, many of us had the opportunity to play on many different handpans that players and makers alike were offering for exploration. Many people that had never played a pan before, got to play many, and from all corners of the world. Indeed, many of these lucky people walked away purchasing a pan of their own!

Accommodation and food is included in your ticket price, and you will be able to interact with some great musicians and jam over the weekend on handpans, percussion and other instruments.

Since the creation of the handpan (or the Hang - by PanArt in Switzerland) in the early 2000’s, there have been a number of gatherings around the world celebrating this instrument, and focusing on music with handpan.

One of the original gatherings was put on in the UK by our very good friends, Kelly Hutchinson and Rob Watkins. This was HangOut UK, and it will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2016.

Since then there have been many gatherings staged around the world, and Australia is host to the youngest festival so far. In 2016, on 14th - 18th Jan, we hosted our first PanOz Festival.